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        Provide 3 billion people with raw materials for COVID-19 detection! Xiamen Biomedical Port has attracted much attention!

        * 來(lái)源: 廈門(mén)生物醫藥港微信公眾號 * 作者: admin1 * 發(fā)表時(shí)間: 2022-06-07 14:06:03 * 瀏覽: 184
           In recent years, the governments of Xiamen City and Haicang District have attached great importance to the development of biological and new pharmaceutical industries, focusing on cultivating this industry as one of the hundred billion industry chain clusters. With the long-term deep cultivation and support, the biomedical industry in Haicang District of Xiamen has entered a stage of accelerated development, and has been in the forefront of the development of domestic biomedical industry.

           At present, there are 25 enterprises in Xiamen that have obtained foreign certification for COVID-19 test reagents and entered the "white list" for export, among which 20 are in Haicang, including Baotai Biology, Anbang (Xiamen) Biology, Wantai Biology, Boditai Biology, and Merrill Lynch Maybong Biology.


           In 2021, Haicang District will export more than 17 billion yuan of COVID-19 antigen detection reagents, accounting for about 1/3 of the national export volume of COVID-19 antigen detection reagents, leading the country and contributing to the global epidemic resistance.

             During the epidemic, many domestic leading enterprises of nucleic acid detection kit, detection equipment manufacturers, third-party detection institutions and other related enterprises have "stepped out of the circle". And those who serve as the "gatekeepers" behind the scenes to provide IVD manufacturers with COVID-19 testing materials are also worth seeing. They persevere in the ordinary, and they are extraordinary in the persistence.

             In vitro diagnostic reagent raw materials are like liquid "chips". In the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents, due to the late start of raw material research and development in China and the high degree of dependence on imports, most of the market shares are occupied by foreign enterprises. However, as domestic IVD products go overseas, it is the responsibility of IVD reagent raw material enterprises to ensure the safety of raw material supply for domestic IVD manufacturers. Through independent innovation, reagent raw materials with completely independent intellectual property rights are developed to achieve import substitution.

           In Haicang District Biomedical Industrial Park, there is such an IVD upstream active raw material manufacturer. Since its establishment seven years ago, through independent innovation, it has achieved the market layout of antigen antibody raw materials required by nearly 100 reagent products. Among them, Taq enzyme antibody detected by nucleic acid and COVID-19 antibody raw materials of immunochromatography occupy an important market share, providing high-quality and comprehensive raw material support for IVD midstream production enterprises.

        Xiamen Tongrenxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd

        Xiamen Tongrenxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development and preparation of bioactive proteins, including antigens, antibodies and industrial enzymes。

        As a high-quality supplier of bioactive raw materials for many nucleic acid reagent giants in China, Tongren Xinbo has supplied 1600g of Taq enzyme antibody in total during the epidemic period. These active raw materials can be used to produce nucleic acid detection reagents for 1.2 billion people. At the same time, Taq enzyme antibody products have obtained national invention patent technology。

           Taq Antibody is an anti Taq antibody for Hot Start PCR. It can inhibit the activity of DNA polymerase after combining with Taq enzyme. It can effectively inhibit the non-specific annealing of primers and the non-specific amplification caused by primer dimers under low temperature conditions. It is one of the important factors to improve the sensitivity and specificity of PCR amplification. It is widely used in the development and production of molecular detection reagents。

            Similarly, Tongrenxin Biology, as a high-quality supplier of bioactive raw materials for COVID-19 antibody detection reagents, currently has nearly 2000g of COVID-19 related mutant antigens and antibodies, which can be used to produce COVID-19 antigen reagents for 3 billion people。

             In addition to conventional products, the high-quality independent line C quality control system DNP antigen antibody independently developed by Tongren Xin Bio is also widely favored by the market. In just one month, 200 million people have been supplied with DNP antibody raw materials. Meanwhile, DNP antibody products have obtained national invention patent technology。

             Compared with traditional C-line system, DNP system can reduce the interference of C-line system to T-line detection, and there will be no weakening of C-line signal when detecting strong positive samples。

        As of May 30, 2022, there are more than 300 IVD detection manufacturers cooperating with Renxin Biotech, and the products of the cooperative manufacturers have performed well in epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad。

        Compared with the performance of the domestic market, Tongrenxin Bio's raw materials have performed better in the global epidemic resistance. The COVID-19 reagent of the cooperative manufacturer has passed the CE self-test certification and FDA/EUA certification, and has gained access to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and other regions。

        Adhering to a serious scientific attitude and the product concept of keeping improving, Tongrenxin Bio is willing to provide high-quality core raw materials and technologies for in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturers worldwide。